Sleep Sedation

For those who are really phobic and cannot be treated under normal circumstances, or if the surgery is very involved, IV sedation can be performed in the clinic with the help of a professional sedationist.

Sleep Sedation - Romsey Family Dental Care

Sedation and sleep dentistry are beneficial for anyone who has an extreme fear of having dental procedures. We may also recommend sleep dentistry for those who require extensive dental work. This allows us to do a lot of work in less time, saving the patient time and money as they don't have to make multiple visits. But the benefits of sleep dentistry are different for each individual.

This method works by administering sedatives intravenously, putting you in a semi-conscious state, so you are unaware and unable to remember the events happening around you. When the sedative takes effect, you will generally feel extremely relaxed and in a dream-like state of mind. We will also use a local anesthetic to numb the area we are working on, to help ensure that there is no way of feeling any pain. While sleep dentistry may sound appealing, it is not necessary as modern technology has allowed many procedures to be done with minimal discomfort. But it can be very useful to teach those who are afraid of dental procedures that they need not worry. It is also not recommended for common procedures like x-rays or dental cleanings.