Same-Day Crowns using CEREC

Same day or CEREC crowns are dental crowns that can be created in a day using CEREC technology. Unlike traditional crowns, Cerec allows you the ability to have your crown done over two visits within the same day. In contrast, traditional crowns require the dentist to take manual impressions and to send your job to an external laboratory to make the crown which can take up to a couple of weeks.

CEREC - Romsey Family Dental Care

How does CEREC Technology work?

CEREC technology is short for Chairside Economical Restoration of Aesthetic Ceramics and is one of the most recent and advanced technologies currently available in digital dentistry. CEREC same-day crowns involve the use of a milling machine, CAD (Computer Aided Designing) and 3D imaging software. This enables your dentist to manufacture your dental crown in one day. For this reason, they are referred to as same-day crowns. The process is quite simple, efficient and involves four phases: Your initial scan.

The process is quite simple, efficient and involves four phases:

  1. Your initial scan: Firstly, your dentist will scan your teeth using the CEREC scanner. This will enable your dentist to produce an accurate 3D digital impression of your mouth or a specific tooth.
  2. Crown concept: After your scan, your dentist will use this 3D image to create an accurate digital model using the CEREC machine and its software. A digital crown will be designed to match your natural tooth in size, shape, and colour.
  3. Milling your crown: Your dentist will send the 3D crown design to the in-house milling machine to begin the milling process. During this process, the chosen blank is placed into the machine and a crown with the correct specificities determined by the software and your dentist is cut out.
  4. Finishing touches: Once the crown is milled, your dentist will polish, stain and glaze your new crown to make it look natural and place it into a furnace. During this step, the crown is cooked at a specific temperature which will increase its strength and hardness. Once it comes out of the furnace, the crown is then ready to be cemented over the tooth to restore your natural smile and re-establish its function.

What are the benefits of single day crowns?

Eliminates the use of temporary crowns Traditionally, you would receive a temporary crown while you wait for the dental laboratory to create your permanent crown. Depending on your case, it will take the dental laboratories up to two weeks to fabricate your crown. In contrast, CEREC technology eliminates the need for temporary crowns as they can be manufactured within a day. As a result, you will reduce your time spent at the dentist and will receive your final restoration on the same day.

Restore your smile quicker

Same-day crowns enable you to immediately strengthen and restore the functionality of your teeth much more efficiently. In fact, your dentist will be able to create your crown within one to two hours. Therefore, you will leave your crown appointment with the final restoration.

Strong and reliable

Your 3D scan will enable your dentist to take a mould of your teeth without traditional impression taking. Therefore, you will not experience the discomfort patients may feel during traditional tray impressions. The 3D scanner is very accurate, and the resulting scan mimics your mouth in reality which means the crown that is fabricated from the software will fit well. Same-day crowns consist of a quality dental material called porcelain. This material is also the main component of other dental procedures such as dental veneers. Porcelain is a strong substance and provides long-lasting support once cemented. Just like your natural teeth, the crowns can stain and break. Therefore, you will need to take care of it and attend regular check-ups at the dentist to have them maintained and checked.