Dental Cleaning with EMS AIRFLOW

At Romsey Dental, we are pleased to provide modern dental technology so we can givethe best patient experience possible. We are now offering the Swiss-Made EMSAIRFLOW and a Guided Biofilm Therapy treatment to help improve your oral health andsmile!

EMS AIRFLOW - Romsey Family Dental Care


AIRFLOW is an innovative, non-contact type of dental maintenance and prevention. It releases a controlled stream of air, warm water and very fine sweet powder onto the tooth. It also focuses on tough-to-reach areas to dislodge and remove food particles, plaque, discolouration and stains

One of the greatest advantages of this system is the high-pressure water/air stream cleans your teeth quickly, efficiently and comfortably. Conventional methods of teeth cleaning are often messy, time-consuming and can leave you with a not so great taste in your mouth.

AIRFLOW is similar to being at a day spa. Instead of aestheticians providing facial treatments, your dentist or oral health therapist gently exfoliates your teeth. Due to the water in the AIRFLOW Prophylaxis Master, which is heated to 40 degrees, your teeth will feel comfortable.